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Ceiling Jacks


Props are used as shoring for concrete slabs and beams. Each prop can tolerate a maximum load of 1500 kg. Props are produced in 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m lengths. The screw is made by thread rolling machines which causes the prop to have a better tensile and shear strength and improves its resistance to fatigue. The T-shape heads that are installed at the top of the props simplify the formwork process and help the props to better carry the load of concrete in beams and slabs. For heights greater than 4 m, props are not recommended; scaffolds are more suitable for heights over 4 m.

Props specs:

The diameter of the inner pipe is 5 cm and the outer pipe diameter is 6 cm. The thickness for both pipes is 5.2 mm.

Ceiling Jacks